VDMA 40100-1:2019-09


OPC UA for Machine Vision (OPC Machine Vision) - Part 1: Control, configuration management, recipe management, result management

The OPC UA Companion Specification for Machine Vision (short: OPC Machine Vision) aims at straightforward integration of a machine vision system into production control and IT systems. The scope is not only to complement or substitute existing interfaces between a machine vision system and its process environment by OPC UA, but also to create non-existent horizontal and vertical integration abilities to communicate relevant data to other authorized process participants, e.g., up to the IT enterprise level. To this end, the OPC UA Machine Vision interface allows for the exchange of information between a machine vision system and another machine vision system, a station PLC, a line controller, or any other software system in areas like MES, SCADA, ERP or data analytics systems. The main use cases in OPC Machine Vision, Part 1 are to control a machine vision system and to handle configuration, recipe and result data.