VDMA 34179:2019-04


Measurement instruction to determine the energy- and resource demand of machine tools for mass production

The VDMA Specification 34179 "Measurement instruction to determine the energy- and resource demand of machine tools for mass production" was published in 2015 and became soon a bestseller. With dissemination the wish for revision grew. Taking this into account a revision started.

Point of departure
Machine tools are capital goods. So prior to procurement there will be a process of evaluation where several factors have to be considered. The machine tools need to fulfill all relevant criteria concerning the process, such as accuracy, surface quality and speed of operation. Equally commercial facts like acquisition costs, delivery time etc. and basic conditions in the manner of dimensions, necessity for a foundation and so on will be an issue. The recent past has shown that energy- and resource consumption became more important as decision criterion.

Collaboration ensures success
From 2013 to 2015 a round table of machine tool users from automobile industry and representatives of the German machine tool builders association (VDW) together with its members was established with the objective to develop a measurement instruction with the aim to describe how the amount of energy and resources of a machine tool can be determined in a standardized manner for the most relevant energy states and energy state transitions, as well as for producing a given part. The collaboration of machine tool manufacturers and machine tool users lead to a great acceptance of the document right from the start.

This measurement instruction is above all applicable for machine tools for mass production respectively for a given part. It specifies which energy states and energy stage transitions have to be considered, describes which energies and resources have to be recorded and points out what has to be taken into account during measuring. Results are the amount of electrical energy and resources to produce a given part and for the relevant energy states and –transitions.

How and what
Edition 2015-03 of this VDMA Specification describes sufficiently, which energies and resources shall be determined, but does not answer the question, how these values shall be measured. The now available edition 2019-04 of the VDMA Specification tries to answer this question. Therefore, new informative annexes provide information on how to measure the concerned values and provide an extensive documented example measurement.